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What comes with our Bengal?

Every bengal comes with their very own kitten package!

Your kitten package will contain:

-A brand new, size appropriate cat carrier.  

-A blanket with your kitten families scent on it, a small reminder of home.

-30 days of Trupanion pet insurance (no maximum, and no waiting period.  Once you activate your insurance (no credit card needed), you have 30 days of coverage.  Don't forget, you must activate your offer no later than 24 hours after your pet leaves our home.

-A certificate of health from a licensed veterinarian.

-All immunizations that are age appropriate from a licensed veterinary practice!

-Spay/Neuter will be complete prior to pickup.

-Your kittens 5 generation pedigree, laminated.

-Your kittens parents results from health testing for HCM, PRA-B, and K-deficiency.

-A certificate for 10 pounds of Darwin's Raw Food for $15!

-A sample bag of your kittens food and a welcome book from Purina Pro Plan



What might you want to get to be prepared for your new family member?

-food and water dishes

-a cat bed

-a cat tree

-a cat wheel

-scratching posts

-litter box, litter and a scoop

-cat food

-kitten toys!!!!

Driving Home

A cat carrier should be used every time your kitten/cat is riding in the car. An unrestrained cat can be a driving hazard, especially if he climbs down by the pedals, or jumps onto your shoulder. We provide a carrier that is large enough for your kitten to use when it’s an adult.

Welcoming your new family member to your home

Before you bring your new kitten home, put their food, water, toys, scratching post, and litter pan in a quiet room you can close off, such as a spare bedroom. It is very important to keep your new kitten away from other household pets during the quarantine time. Once your kitten has been examined by your vet you can slowly introduce them to other pets and the rest of the household. This should be done very slowly and with as little stress on the kitten as possible. You can expect that existing cats and the new kitten may hiss at each other. This should subside quickly once they get to know each other.

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