Bengals by Jules strives to better the Bengal breed, by selecting cats and kittens that we feel meet the breed standard, and have perfect health.  We feel honored when we receive awards that indicate we are doing well on our path.  Above, you see a photo of an Asian Leopard and a bengal.  We strive to have the look of the Asian Leopard cat and the temperament of the sweetest and most playful companion!


Sir Maximus Prime

Supreme Grand Master 

Maximus Prime received his TICA award of Supreme Grand Master at the SeaCats show in Issaquah, WA in 2022.

Shantum Blu Bell 'Ruby'

Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Ruby is Jules very first Alter showcat.  She loves Ruby and enjoys spending time with her at cat shows.  Ruby recently was awarded the TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter title at the Commencement Cat Show in Chehalis, WA in 2022!



TICA Junior Exhibitor Award

At Jules very first show in Olympia, WA, Jules received the TICA Junior Exhibitor Award!  

Jules and Shantum Blu Bell 'Ruby'

4H Show Best Adult Purebred and 2nd Best Cage Design

Jules attended the 4H show supporting 'Paws N Claws II' in Monroe, WA and was awarded the Best Adult Purebred.  With her creativity, Jules was inspired by Spring and was awarded 2nd place for her 'Spring in Bloom' cage design!