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Our Cattery

A family run cattery for the Bengal breed

TICA Registered

The International Cat Association

    Approved for Import/Export by Department of Fish and Wildlife


    This allows us to import the best Bengals in the world, and also to ship Bengals to the world to love and pamper!

    TICA Branding.png

    TICA Cattery of Excellence

    Signed Code of Ethics

    As a member of TICA, we strive for the excellence this breed calls for.  


    This cattery has not been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

    Cat Fanciers Association - CFA


    We are a proud member of the Cat Fanciers Association

    Trupanion Breeder Commitment.jpg

    Trupanion Breeder Commitment 

    Pledged and Signed!

    We are part of the trupanion Breeder Support Program. We abide by the Breeder Commitment Code of Ethics and Conduct. We want families to have the best care for their new family member.  By offering 30 days of trupanion (once activated by the new family), we give families a little protection if anything were to happen. 

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