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Proudly located in Arlington, Washington! 

Waiting List

We are happy to welcome families to our waitlist for the perfect Bengal kitten!  The waitlist is free, and this allows you to give us the details for your dream Bengal.  

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We are a registered TICA Cattery!

We are fully registered with TICA and currently show our cats, kittens, alters and house hold pets in shows around the World.  We are based in the Pacific Northwest, however we are able to help you arrange shipping!

Additionally, we are approved Department of Fish and Wildlife registered cattery as well as an approved and registered wildlife sanctuary!

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Planned Pairings

We have several pairings in the work for 2023 and beyond!

  • See The Moon Des Griffes Du Feu and Bengalspirit Mini Mimosa (expecting August 2023)

  • Toney Mountain Des Griffes Du Feu and HLPainted Bengal Queen Opal (expecting early August 2023)

  • Speed Succes Des Griffes Du Feu and Kanchenjunga Anna (Planned for 2024)

  • Speed Success Des Griffes Du Feu and Bengalpirit Angelite (planned for 2024)

  • Speed Success Des Griffes Du Feu and Indicolite (expecting August 2023)

  • See The Moon Des Griffes Du Feu and Thadyris on Ice (expecting August-September 2023

  • Speed Success Des Griffes Du Feu and HLPainted Bengals Amber (expecting August 2023)

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Health Guarantee

We stand behind our testing!  


Every cat is tested for known genetic feline issues and current health.  


We include a copy of the testing completed for both parents!

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