Proudly located in Arlington, Washington! 

Waiting List

We welcome the following families to our waitlist for the perfect Bengal kitten!

  • K.K. - Snow/Seal

  • J.A. - Silver

  • L.C. - Brown

  • J.K. - Brown

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We are a registered TICA Cattery!

We are fully registered with TICA and currently show our cats, kittens, alters and house hold pets in shows around the Pacific Northwest.  

Additionally, we are approved Department of Fish and Wildlife registered cattery as well as an approved and registered wildlife sanctuary!

  • Our cattery is working to become listed as a cattery of excellence, currently expanding our site to provide that extra specific touch for each cat and kitten in our home!  We believe every cat and kitten deserves their own special place in our home, but also want to honor their natural instincts to interact with nature and each other in a safe space.  We strive to provide the very best accomodations!

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Planned Pairings

We have several pairings in the work for 2022 and beyond!

  • MioDollarBaby Jasmine & CH See The Moon Des Griffes Du Feu

  • Empress Indicolite & CH Speed Succes Des Griffes Du Feu

  • Bengalspirit Princess Angelite  & CH See The Moon Des Griffes Du Feu

  • HLPainted Bengals Princess Pearl & CH See The Moon Des Griffes Du Feu

  • MioDollarBaby Queen of Pearls & CH Speed Succes Des Griffes Du Feu

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Health Guarantee

We stand behind our testing!

  • Each kitten is raised in our loving home, with a family who treasures them.  We test each parent for PRA-b (progressive retinal atrophy), PK-def (PK Deficiency), HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), and Feline Leukemia.  

  • Prior to entering your home, your kitten will have been spayed/neutered, received all age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed, and examined by a licensed veterinarian.  The kitten will receive a clean bill of health before leaving our cattery.  

  • You will the following guarantee:

  • -clean bill of health certificate at pick up/delivery

  • -72 hour viral health guarantee from pickup/delivery

  • -2 year hereditary and congenital defects guarantee

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